Derby & Party Hats

Derby & Party Hats

Our Derby & Party hat styles are so gorgeous that friends and family will swear your hat is custom-made! They feature details like wide brims, deep crowns, and stunning color schemes. The epitome of bold, elegant style, these fine hats are trimmed with lace, bows, ribbon, flowers, and hatpins. For gentlemen, we have classic straw fedoras and trilbies with handsome design elements, along with Top Hats and Bowlers. For special occasions where you're dressing in your finest, our selections are simply unmatched!

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  1. Coco Fascinator
  2. Barrymore Dress Hat
  3. Palma Wide Brim Hat
  4. Main Image
  5. Chaplin Panama Bowler
  6. Lanna Hat
    93% of 100
    Lanna Hat
  7. Ice Top Hat
    94% of 100
    Ice Top Hat
  8. Milo Panama Fedora
    Milo Panama Fedora
    Regular Price €131.51 Special Price €98.63
  9. Tropic Bombin
    100% of 100
    Tropic Bombin
    Regular Price €48.22 Special Price €36.16
  10. Mavis Hat
    Mavis Hat
  11. Kiki Braided Cloche
  12. Riviera Wide Brim Boater