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Whether for fashion or function, western hats are a style that every man who has a love for the traditional western look and attitude should own. These hats make a statement and offer great head protection against the elements. Hats.com brings you a selection of men’s western hats in multiple styles, colors, sizes, and designer brands to suit whatever outfit you’re sporting. 

Enjoy an Extra Degree of Refinement and Comfort

If you’re looking for men's cowboy hats that suit your lifestyle and unique fashion sense, we’ve got cowboy hats for men who work every day on the ranch, and guys who love donning the western look on weekends. Find western-style hats crafted with fur felt, straw, wool felt, palm leaf, and other high-quality materials including Shantung straw and acrylic. You can be proud of an authentic cowboy style from Hats.com anywhere, any day. Check out our go-to styles to find the exact western hat you need today.   

Hats.com offers the widest selection of men’s western hats from top designer brands so you can stay cool, comfortable, and dry in any weather conditions. From basic to fancy bull-rider hats, rodeo models, flat-brim hats, and open crown western hats, we have the right hats for your needs at the right price. Enjoy an extra degree of refinement and comfort with reliable functionality in our cowboy hats. Check us out online. 

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Whether you want a flexible and breathable western hat to keep you cool in the summer, a comfortable cowboy hat for working in the yard, a rugged cowboy hat for driving the cattle in, or a proven felt hat for hard-working ranchers and cowboys, feel free to shop our collection online.  Browse our men’s western hats from the designer brands you love.

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  1. Tombstone 2X Hat
  2. Dorian 2X
    Dorian 2X
  3. Main Image
  4. Renegade by Bailey® Santee Western Hat
  5. Guthrie Western Hat
  6. Grady Western Hat
  7. Renegade by Bailey® Ellsworth Gambler
  8. Wind River Palisade LiteFelt® Outback
  9. Clayton Western Hat
  10. Renegade by Bailey® Calico Outback
  11. Wind River by Bailey® Nock Outback
  12. Wind River by Bailey® Chisolm LiteFelt® Western Hat

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