Fedora Hats For Men

We carry the hottest collection of men’s fedora hats for you, made from virtually indestructible elements that combine function and style all for an incredible price. Men’s fedora hats are known for many different aesthetically pleasing qualities. Their flexible and soft brims can be snapped down or upward, depending on your personal style. The fedora hat’s time-honored style makes this one of our most popular hats. Shop our high-quality fedora hats for men online at Hats.com. 

The Reigning Fedora Hat Style 

Men’s fedora hats have been around for decades. While other fashion pieces and looks pop up and disappear with time, fedora hats remain as popular as ever. Hats.com carries men’s fedora hats with trusted, high-quality brands like Bailey of Hollywood, Kangol, Bollman Hat Company, Country Gentlemen, and many others. Our casual fedora hats are essential for contemporary, everyday wear, keeping you comfortable and stylish. Many of our dressier fedora hats are made with elite finishes and arrive in a complimentary branded hat box. Our focus is bringing you a variety of fashionable hats from designer brands everyone trusts. 

Made For Lasting Impressions   

We want to supply you with products that last a lifetime! Many of our hats undergo a revolutionary treatment process that takes natural, premium materials and makes it water repellent and shape retentive so your hat can outlast normal wear and tear. Many of our hats from our Bollman Hat Company Makers’ Collection are exclusively made for Hats.com and are limited in quantity. Such hats come with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by employee-owners and other benefits too. We’ve added detailed product descriptions on each of our hats online to provide peace of mind to our customers who want to ensure the quality of our products. Shop for your men’s fedora hat today!

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  1. Konrath Litestraw® Fedora
    Konrath Litestraw® Fedora
  2. Draper III Fedora
    Draper III Fedora
  3. Atmore Fedora
    Atmore Fedora
  4. Lando Litestraw® Fedora
    Lando Litestraw® Fedora
    Regular Price €99.00 Starting at €58.50
  5. Main Image
    Blackburn Litestraw® Fedora
    Regular Price €141.00 Starting at €103.50
  6. Roll Up II Panama Fedora
    Roll Up II Panama Fedora
  7. Main Image
    Cuban Panama Fedora
    Regular Price €168.00 Starting at €123.75
  8. Bartham Elite Fedora
    Bartham Elite Fedora
  9. Delmark Elite Fedora
    Delmark Elite Fedora
  10. Codner Lanolux® Fedora
    Codner Lanolux® Fedora
  11. Piston Fedora
    Piston Fedora
  12. Main Image
    Mullan Braided Fedora

Items 1-12 of 129

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