Small Batch Collection

Small Batch Collection

When George Bollman rented an old whiskey distillery on Main Street in Adamstown on July 1, 1868 to make hats, he was already a competent hat maker. In those early day in his shop, he worked with tools not powered by electricity. The labor-intensive hat-making process made for long work days, and resulted in small batches of finished products.

Bollman always maintained attention to detail, and was determined to perfect his product. Though providing for families was his highest goal, his legacy is a company that has survived 150 years, longer than any other American hat making company.

Three years and modest success led Bollman to purchase land across the street for a larger factory. On that land stood a barn built in 1809, the year of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. That barn was used to stall the horse that transported Bollman hats to the railroad before automobiles revolutionized the shipping industry.

Bollman Small Batch Collection

The old Bollman barn still stands. Bollman hats are still made. We are still determined to fashion the best men’s and women’s hats and provide for families. Everything else has changed. In honor of George, whose legacy lives on beyond 150 years and those modest early times, we are proud to introduce the Bollman Small Batch Hat Collection.

This Small Batch Collection is a collaboration between Bollman Hat Company and American Hat Makers, blending the headwear industry’s best hat-making skills using American workers. Our collection of 6 hats represents true American Heritage styles, combining luxury wool felt and supple leather, sophistication and ruggedness, fine details with natural elements.

This collection of hats is named in honor of six Bollman hat makers who all exceeded fifty years of service with Bollman. Like fine whiskey, this hat collection is available in limited batches. So, when it's gone, it's gone like the early days.

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