Working out of Italy since 1862, the milliners out of Biella Valley have been crafting exquisite fedoras for over 150 years while continuing to improve on their original design for more modern lines and better materials to make Barbisio hats a perennial contender for top Italian fedora. Cut and sewn by hand, Barbisio hats are for enthusiasts who demand the highest of quality and expect a hat to elevate the style of the person wearing it.

Stay Warm with Barbisio Hats 

Every Barbisio hat offered on is constructed with 100% rabbit fur felt and will be an excellent hat to wear through fall and winter, keeping you warm and resisting the elements. Each hat you can purchase has differences in brim width, the ribbon band, and how firm (or packable) the item will be. A key example of this comes from comparing the Piedmont fedora versus the Biella – with the Piedmont featuring a 1 ½ inch snapping brim and a grosgrain ribbon that matches the color of the hat, while the Biella fedora has a 2 ½ inch snap brim and a leather headband with an alligator finish to provide contrast to the hat’s fur felt coloring.

Barbisio Craftsmanship and Quality

The hat-makers of Barbisio have turned the act of crafting the iconic fedora into a true work of art, and anyone who loves the classic style and unmistakable lines of the fedora will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of a Barbisio hat. If you enjoy the style and imagery of fedoras and want to own one of the best in the market, then ordering a Barbisio from is the best way to improve your wardrobe and bring home a hand-crafted masterpiece.

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