Bailey Western
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Bailey Western

Designed to last and stand up to the most rugged conditions, Bailey Western® hats set the standard for western headwear. Each style is carefully crafted with American-made looks and functionality in mind. The Bailey Western line is defined by rustic durability, protecting the cowboy tradition for generations to come.

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  1. Wind River by Bailey® Montrose LiteFelt® Western Hat
  2. Wind River by Bailey® Columbia LiteFelt® Outback Hat
  3. Wind River by Bailey® Chisolm LiteFelt® Western Hat
  4. Tombstone 2X Hat
    Tombstone 2X Hat
  5. Wind River by Bailey® Rider LiteFelt® Outback Hat
  6. Wind River by Bailey® Morgan LiteFelt® Outback Hat
  7. Wind River by Bailey® Firehole LiteFelt® Western Hat
  8. Wind River by Bailey® Joe Eder LiteFelt® Outback Hat
  9. Wind River by Bailey® Caliber Outback Hat
  10. Wind River by Bailey® Gleeson Western Hat
  11. Alamo 2X Hat
  12. Grady Western Hat
  13. Renegade by Bailey® Calico Western Hat
  14. Richman 4X Western Hat
  15. Dillinger Hat
  16. Renegade by Bailey® Sheik Western Hat
  17. Clayton Western Hat
  18. Wind River by Bailey® Three D LiteFelt® Western Hat
  19. Stampede 2X Hat
  20. Guthrie Western Hat